Sunday, October 23, 2011

Get The Look For Less!!!!

I am a girl that loves fur, whether it be real or faux, especially when the temps drop below freezing! And there is nothing like a fashionable and functional shoe! I introduce you to the fur trimmed bootie!!! It is oh-so-chic and ever so luxe! Anyone would assume you took out a second mortgage for something as frivolous as a furry bootie! Well, some may just have to splurge on the Fendi version but I give you the Dolce Vita bootie for a fraction of the price! Both have REAL fur and both have the buckle detail. I tell you...I see very little difference! My friend V already owns the Dolce Vita version and LOVES them so!

Fendi Fur-Front Bootie $1,750

Dolce Vita Tatum Rabbit Fur Bootie $199


Miss Beanie

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