Monday, October 3, 2011

J'adore Paris!


All this talk of Paris recently has got me itching to visit the city of lights again. First, it was Paris Fashion Week, then my friend returned from her honeymoon in France, and finally an episode of PanAm pushed me over the edge! After watching PanAm last night, macarons and Chanel danced in my head as I laid down to sleep. As Kate and Laura landed in Paris circa 1960, it reminded me of my first time planting my stilettos on Avenue Montaigne. It makes you want to dance like Fred Astaire down the stairs of Montmartre. We strolled the infamous boulevards of Celine, Dior, Hermes, and Chanel, only taking breaks for macarons and eclairs from Pierre Herme and Ladurée. Late dinners outside were accompanied with fabulous white burgundy wine only to end the starlit night at George V Four Seasons bar with a kir royale. I awoke refreshed every morning to church bells ringing through the french doors of the balcony overlooking the tip top of the Eiffel Tower. The gorgeous mademoiselles of Le Meurice always welcomed me to breakfast in a room decorated by Salvador Dalí himself, filled with decadent chocolate croissants and raspberry jam. Ahhhhh, to be in the city of lights right this instant! 

Well, in case you are one of the lucky gals to skip across the pond and saunter down Avenue Montaigne, here are just a few of my go-to spots in Paris! 
  • Le Comptoir - a cafe on the left bank in the 6th arrondissement serving light lunch fare and the BEST sparkling lemonade that has ever touched my lips! Not to mention, Karl Lagerfeld himself has been known to come here for a quick bite.
  • Ladurée - these bakeries are littered all across Paris including a cart in the Charles Dugalle airport! You must treat yourself to a raspberry or salted caramel macaron. Tip: Eat them while strolling so as to appear as a true Parisian girl. 

  • Hotel Le Bristol - this is where I always go to relax and have a drink in their courtyard garden. This is one of the finest hotels in all of Paris and is always crawling with celebrities and ambassadors. Always ask them for their assorted olives and potato chips to snack on. I once scoffed at the idea of eating what looked like a Lay's potato chip hip my mouth and dissolved instantly! Now, I drool with the idea of being there with those chips in sight!

  • Vintage shopping - There are two that I go to no matter what and from there as you stroll and window shop, the vintage shops will appear and beckon you in with Hermes scarves and Chanel bags.
    • Les 3 Marches de Catherine B 
    • Didier Ludot
  • Colette - The mecca to all fashionistas. If the paparazzi awaiting outside doesn't clue you in to how "May-jor" this place is then I'm not sure what else to say. It houses the freshest fashions straight off the runway on mannequins for you to paruse. Extraordinary.

There are many, many more places to see but this should get you started my fellow travel mavens! Au revoir!


Miss Beanie

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