Saturday, October 22, 2011

What should I wear....?

I hear this question for every upcoming event and I say it just about every day. No girl wants to look out of place at an event. It is a fine line to tip toe along. You want to look fabulous and shine but you never want to appear as though you tried too hard to look that way. On the contrary no one wants to look plain and under dressed. When in doubt there are a few websites for you to consult to garner some inspiration:

Date Night Attire by TheOutnet

The Outnet not only has INCREDIBLE deals on designer duds but it also offers you the option "dress me" and you click on the event you need to be styled for. My personal favorite "dress me"? Parisian Cool! It has served as a great inspiration for me many times.

Cocktail Party by RTR

This is the genius idea for girls who never wear anything twice. I must admit, I have a hard time doing it myself. But unless you have an endless supply of $$ this can be a real problem. They allow you to rent entire outfits in 2 sizes for 10% of the cost and you simply ship it back after the event! They also offer a styling option for different events so you can use the inspiration for things if you do have something in your closet!

Style for a concert by BaubleBar

My favorite jewelry website! They offer a styling tool for just about every event from a charity lunch to a girl's night out. Most of the time I base my entire outfit on a single accessory. If you are feeling bored...jazz up an old favorite with a new bauble! A cost effective way to get an entirely new look.


Miss Beanie

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