Sunday, November 13, 2011

B is for Brian Atwood

One day, my child is going to have a very unique answer when the teacher says, "Children, B is for....." and my child yells out, "Brian Atwood!" I have been a DEVOTED fan of his for several years now, only bringing my special Atwoods out for very special occasions. (This coming from the girl that wears her SIGNED Louboutins like Nikes.) Well, today I spotted a shoe perfect for the fall holiday season! Hello Thanksgiving dinner! 
And then....I choked! I saw the price tag and it said (drumroll please) $325!!!!! It is Brian Atwood's very own diffusion line available at Saks called B Brian Atwood. These fabulous metallic sandals with leather leaves layered across the straps are phenomenal! The PERFECT fall shoe. I neeeeeeeeeed them! There are several other shoes in his current collection that are pretty fabulous, also. 
B Brian Atwood Metallic Feather Sandal $350
B Brian Atwood Suede Fringe Ankle Boots $350

Ladies, make sure you check these out! Currently, they are only available online at, but are coming to stores soon. Like I always say, "Happy Feet make a Happy Girl." ;-)


Miss Beanie 

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