Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Name is Miss Beanie and I'm Addicted to Sequins...

Apparently my sequin obsession wasn't satisfied over New Year's Eve. I am usually head to toe in glitter and sequins when the ball drops and this year I was casually clad with only a sprinkling of glitter. This came to my attention yesterday as I was shopping and upon arrival to the dressing room, the girl asked me if I had an event to go to. At first I was confused as to her enquiry and then I realized my arms were loaded with nothing but sequins. I limited myself to one sequin item: a black sequined T-shirt. ;-)

But this jacket haunted my dreams: 
Starshine Bolero @ Anthropologie $69.99
It is the perfect rose gold shade. I really want to pair it with something unexpected a la Serena: 

My personal vision was to pair it with these lace shorts: 

Lauren Moffatt Tineke Rose Shorts @ Anthropologie $79.99
And just to add to my other obsession with Tuxedo Jackets, Victoria's Secret has a sequined tuxedo jacket in several colors: 

Sequin Tux Jacket @ Victorias Secret $139
I hope you haven't caught the sequin fever too. I'll do my best to only wear sequins once a week ;-). 


Miss Beanie

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