Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rising Star: Mathieu Mirano Fall 2012 Presentation @ MBFW

One of my favorite shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was by far Mathieu Mirano. He is a mere 20 years old and a "drop out" from Parson's! This was his first showing at MBFW and it was more than inspiring. It was a presentation, so upon entering the Box the ambience hit me like a ton of bricks. As soon as you walked in there was intense classical music playing in the background which played tribute to his training in classical piano. Hanging above were ominous metal dragon heads that seemed to be roaring their approval. 

Then the models standing on a tiered stage in the middle of the room came into my field of vision. Pops of red and gold amidst the dark background immediately drew attention. 

Upon further examination the ornate details became apparent. The embroidery and sequins were meant to represent dragon scales. 

Exposed zippers evoked images of the backbone and tail of a dragon. 

Metal cuffs, earrings and rings were all crafted in the manner of the dragons overhead. 

Iridescent eyeshadow glistened against the clean faces of the models reminiscent of reptilian eyes. 

It didn't take long to notice all of the thought and effort that went into creating an otherworldly experience for Mathieu's first show. He took a very artistic approach to the feminine silhouettes using leather and heavy embroidery alongside silk chiffon and organzas. 

There was a strong juxtaposition between strong and soft. His craftsmanship was superb with an acute attention to detail. Amongst the crowd were murmurings about "the next McQueen". While that has yet to be determined, one thing is for sure: his talent far surpasses his age. 

Find more images and a video from Mathieu Mirano's show at MBFW here. Photo credits: Steve Hellerstein and Andrew Werner


Miss Beanie

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Ears Are Famous….Your's Can Be Too!

These earrings by Kendra Scott were quite the hit today at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC!!! 

Kendra Scott Darby Earring $92

Everyone stopped me today left and right! Celia from www.sickathanaverage.com commented at the Ruffian show this morning. Lauren and Tiffany from www.cupcakemag.com commented on them backstage at Mara Hoffman. Even the paparazzi outside of Lincoln Center stopped me and took pics of the earrings specifically!! I love these earrings and would highly recommend them! You can get them here! Another awesome pair that I own by Kendra Scott can be found here! Go ahead and treat yourself to a bauble that will surely get you noticed! 


Miss Beanie

I Felt the Funk and Boogied Down at the Nicole Miller Fall 2012 Show

Nicole Miller showed a groovy collection today at Lincoln Center! The 70's are back and I'm lovin' it! Floppy hat? Check!

Fringe vest? Totally!

Floral print dress? I'm there!

Even more consistent throughout the collection was the overwhelming presence of patterns! Patterned leather, tweed, suede, silk, and velvet! Even the tights were patterned! 

Nicole Miller's letter to the press said, "I'm always intrigued by what new surfaces I can print on. I love blending modern technology and old techniques." The title of the show was "Parallel Times" and she definitely evoked a feeling of the 70's into the modern wardrobe of every fashionista! 

Lesson taken from today's show: Take chances with patterns and textures! Layering will take you straight from one season to the next. 


Miss Beanie

Friday, February 10, 2012

An Interview with Nicholas Kirkwood!!!

Well, let's mark one more thing off my bucket list!! I met, interviewed and got an autograph by the famed shoe designer, Nicholas Kirkwood! 

He was soooooo kind and humble! He genuinely seemed shocked by my enthusiasm for his shoes and I even think he blushed! He took the time for everyone and never seem bothered by the fanfare. I must say, this experience just made me want his collection all the more. 

Tiffany (www.tiffanystyleblog.com) and I with Nicholas Kirkwood

Here is the interview: 

Miss Beanie: First of all, let me say that I am a HUGE fan of yours and I just love all of your shoes! 
Nicholas Kirkwood: Why thank you! That is very sweet!
MB: It's the truth! I especially love your showroom on Mount Street in London! All of your shoes are so cutting edge and different from any other designer. Did your time working for Phillip Treacy influence that part of your design?
NK: Well, working with Phillip Treacy was a huge pleasure! We got along so well and I think that was thanks to our similar style and approach to design. I have always been drawn to unique and avant garde designs and so it simply encouraged me to stay true to my design.  
MB: Your shoes also tend to have geometric shapes and abstract lines to them. Especially the platform and heel. Will we see that in this upcoming season?
NK: Well, this season is going to be all about the floral elements. This shoe (see pic below) takes the floral trend and elevates it to the avant garde level. 

MB: I love that shoe! This is why you will continue to surprise shoe lovers for a long time to come! You're ability to take something we have seen time and time again and make it new. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me! 
NK: Thank you! And come visit the workroom in London the next time you are there! 

Its the truth! Next week, I will tour his showroom and workroom and get a pair of shoes signed in London! These are the ones I am dying to have! 

Very exciting! Stay tuned for the update from London! 


Miss Beanie

If NYC had a date with India! - Lila Horn Fall 2012 Presentation NYFW

Lillian Barry and Helen Millson of Lila Horn created a collection for this fall inspired by the shapes and patterns of Indian temples and the colors that women wear while worshipping within them. The melodic tunes of Julia Jacobson echoed in the background adding a cheerful note to the scene. The beautiful patterns and colors popped against the stark white backdrop of the loft space. Almost every outfit was color blocked with shades of raspberry, orchid and neon blue. 

It screamed MAN REPELLER! Yes, the Man Repeller styled the presentation complete with arm parties galore, funky turquoise nail polish and reversed necklaces. 

The models even rocked pony bun hybrid hairdos that were surprisingly cute and wearable!

My personal favorite color blocking moment was a sleeveless top with a cobalt blue peter pan collar amid a black backdrop. 

Interspersed amongst the color palette were outfits of black and white geometric prints including jersey leggings and a body skimming maxi dress complete with a sky high slit. 

All looks were grounded with chunky black bootie clog hybrids. The shoes were a nice juxtaposition to the airiness of the clothes. Overall, I give the presentation a fabulous Bravo! It was so very feng shui! I, personally, would love to rock one of these outfits any time! 


Miss Beanie

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mayhem at Target

Well, I braved the crowds this morning bright and early at Target. When I arrived at 7:45 am, there was a line of about 30 girls ready to rush the doors! I stood in line patiently and when they opened the doors everyone ran inside. Sadly enough, several of the items I had been coveting weren't being sold at the store. No accessories or purses and the White Bow Tie blouse wasn't there either. Fortunately, the fashion gods were watching over me, and some friendly girls who had grabbed 2 sizes of everything to try on gave me their rejects and I got exactly what I wanted at the store. Surprisingly, I felt like the majority of the clothes looked and felt cheap. (I know, you get what you pay for.) The lace skirt was actually printed on the fabric and didn't fit well and some dresses were see through. I opted for the yellow peplum blouse, the floral mesh top and the matching floral pleated skirt. The yellow blouse actually looked super cute with the skirt and red heels. I can't wait to wear it out! Tell me your Target Mayhem story and share your pics of how you are going to style your Jason Wu outfits! 


Miss Beanie

Jason Wu Woos Thrifty Fashionistas!

Its finally here!!!! Jason Wu's debut collection for Target hits stores tomorrow morning at 8 am! The collection is just as feminine as I expected filled with pleats, lace, bows and peplum! Look back at my previous blog when the news first hit back in October! I am definitely going to be waiting for the doors to open at my local Target tomorrow morning and here are just a few of my must-have items: 

Lace Printed Skirt $30 and Blouse $35
Blouse with Black Ribbon $35 and Full Circle Skirt $30

Floral Top $27 and Skirt $30
Peplum Top $33 and Pleated Skirt $30
Since everything is priced under $60, I may just get it all! That is if the crowds aren't out of control. I will post all the goodies that I get tomorrow bright and early! 

Nite nite, 

Miss Beanie
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