Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Felt the Funk and Boogied Down at the Nicole Miller Fall 2012 Show

Nicole Miller showed a groovy collection today at Lincoln Center! The 70's are back and I'm lovin' it! Floppy hat? Check!

Fringe vest? Totally!

Floral print dress? I'm there!

Even more consistent throughout the collection was the overwhelming presence of patterns! Patterned leather, tweed, suede, silk, and velvet! Even the tights were patterned! 

Nicole Miller's letter to the press said, "I'm always intrigued by what new surfaces I can print on. I love blending modern technology and old techniques." The title of the show was "Parallel Times" and she definitely evoked a feeling of the 70's into the modern wardrobe of every fashionista! 

Lesson taken from today's show: Take chances with patterns and textures! Layering will take you straight from one season to the next. 


Miss Beanie

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