Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jason Wu Woos Thrifty Fashionistas!

Its finally here!!!! Jason Wu's debut collection for Target hits stores tomorrow morning at 8 am! The collection is just as feminine as I expected filled with pleats, lace, bows and peplum! Look back at my previous blog when the news first hit back in October! I am definitely going to be waiting for the doors to open at my local Target tomorrow morning and here are just a few of my must-have items: 

Lace Printed Skirt $30 and Blouse $35
Blouse with Black Ribbon $35 and Full Circle Skirt $30

Floral Top $27 and Skirt $30
Peplum Top $33 and Pleated Skirt $30
Since everything is priced under $60, I may just get it all! That is if the crowds aren't out of control. I will post all the goodies that I get tomorrow bright and early! 

Nite nite, 

Miss Beanie

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