Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rising Star: Mathieu Mirano Fall 2012 Presentation @ MBFW

One of my favorite shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was by far Mathieu Mirano. He is a mere 20 years old and a "drop out" from Parson's! This was his first showing at MBFW and it was more than inspiring. It was a presentation, so upon entering the Box the ambience hit me like a ton of bricks. As soon as you walked in there was intense classical music playing in the background which played tribute to his training in classical piano. Hanging above were ominous metal dragon heads that seemed to be roaring their approval. 

Then the models standing on a tiered stage in the middle of the room came into my field of vision. Pops of red and gold amidst the dark background immediately drew attention. 

Upon further examination the ornate details became apparent. The embroidery and sequins were meant to represent dragon scales. 

Exposed zippers evoked images of the backbone and tail of a dragon. 

Metal cuffs, earrings and rings were all crafted in the manner of the dragons overhead. 

Iridescent eyeshadow glistened against the clean faces of the models reminiscent of reptilian eyes. 

It didn't take long to notice all of the thought and effort that went into creating an otherworldly experience for Mathieu's first show. He took a very artistic approach to the feminine silhouettes using leather and heavy embroidery alongside silk chiffon and organzas. 

There was a strong juxtaposition between strong and soft. His craftsmanship was superb with an acute attention to detail. Amongst the crowd were murmurings about "the next McQueen". While that has yet to be determined, one thing is for sure: his talent far surpasses his age. 

Find more images and a video from Mathieu Mirano's show at MBFW here. Photo credits: Steve Hellerstein and Andrew Werner


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