Monday, October 22, 2012

Leather + Feathers

For a little birthday celebration, Tiffy from Tiffany Style Blog came to town to have a play date! We had lunch, ate cupcakes, shopped and opened presents! It was a fab day and I'm so lucky to have her as a bestie!
Lemon Cupcake from Atlanta Cupcake Factory! Check out my Polka Dot nails by Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Birthday presents from Tiffy: Marc Jacobs lipstick pen, CHEERS! undies from Victorias Secret London collection, Fab Sequined dress from Fabrik

This dress is #MAJOR! Shout out to Holly from Fabrik on this one! 

Michael Kors Bromley boots, Leather leggings via Last Call, Blush + Black Lace top ℅ Kendall, Black Fur Vest by INC, Necklace by Amrita Singh via Hautelook, Bracelets - Ann Taylor, Purse via TJMaxx

Black Diamond Ring stacked with bow ring from E.K. Taylor boutique, Amrita Singh necklace


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! I love the program: I wish I could eat a cupcake right now :) You look fantastic!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  2. Yayyy! Loves it!! The polka dot nails with the cupcake is so fun! I need some polka dot nails! Thanks for the shout out!!! Happy birthday month!!

  3. Replies
    1. Riiiight?!? Fabrik has awesome stuff! Ombre fur vest may need to be on your must have list too! I know its on mine! Thanks for checking out the blog, Bethany!


      Miss Beanie


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