Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quest for Equestrian

Ever since I was a little girl I've had an obsession with horses and all things associated with riding. Horsebit, riding boots, jodhpurs (fyi: fancy name for riding pants), tweeds…it gets me every time! So when I was vintage shopping with my mum, I instantly gravitated toward this jacket! It was tweed, had leather accents, elbow patches and was vintage probably made in the 1970's. And for only (drumroll please) $10, I couldn't get to the register fast enough! Whoever let go of this fine jacket, let me thank you! Hence, the outfit…

Jacket - Vintage (similar), Blouse - Old from Saks (similar), Pants - Old Navy, Boots - Banana Republic, Belt - ASOS, Brooch - Vintage, Earrings - Ann Klein, Purse - Louis Vuitton

I picked this vintage cameo up at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta.

This belt with the tweed reminds me of a hunting trip in the countryside of England. Downton Abby, anyone?

Shop the equestrian look below! 


  1. Love the whole look. Great cameo pin! I can't get enough of Downton Abbey!


  2. I am impressed by your creativity

  3. Oh I love this look. You make me want to pull my vintage blazer out of the closet!


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