Friday, February 1, 2013

Sick Day

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys. Image via Pinterest.
As I lay in my bed with what I call the plague I can't help but dream up visions of Marie Antoinette in a lush bed eating decadent macarons and cake. I'm sure it was never that glamorous considering the lack of antibiotics and the abundance of very real plagues but let a girl dream a little. So, in an attempt to be industrious while laying in bed, why not think about redecorating a little? Here are my visions of gorgeous bedrooms! Which one should we choose?

Choice A: I'm sure the mister would never go for this but how gorgeous is this bed!?! Marie Antoinette would like it too, don't ya think? Image via Pinterest.

Choice B: Very neutral and I adore the tufted bed and wall sconces. Very similar to our guest bedroom right now. Image via Pinterest.

Choice C: I gasp at the beauty of the columns in the corners! French chic or what? This is a front runner that I think could be approved by the mister. And I love the gallery wall! Image via Pinterest.

Choice D: Very sexy and masculine at the same time. I could definitely compromise my girly color scheme for this monochromatic look. Image via Pinterest.

Choice E: Simple and Sleek. Very easy to replicate this look. Image via Pinterest.

Choice F: I love the two tone paint showcasing the molding. Very pretty. Image via Pinterest.

 On a funnier note. I am watching Devil Wears Prada and with only 6 days until NYFW, I can't help but feel a little of Emily's pain. These antibiotics have 6 days to get me better or else I'm spreading the plague at Lincoln Center!

Image via Pinterest
For more of my home decor inspirations, check out my Pinterest Board!


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  2. That all looks amazing! I love your blog.

    Love Bo,

  3. Love love love choice b! It's gorgeous without brig too in your face.


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