Friday, April 12, 2013

New Kicks on the Block!

New Kicks on the Block!

1. Charlotte Olympia Cage Heel Sandal - $1595, 2. Nicholas Kirkwood Scalloped Heel - $1110, 3. Charlotte Olympia Poodle Platform - $1695, 4. Nicholas Kirkwood Ruffle Platform - $950, 5. Sophia Webster Yayoi Sandals - $635, 6. Walter Steiger Floral Curve Heels - $795

These are the hottest shoe designers out there right now and if you want to get your well-manicured toes noticed this Summer, these shoes are the way to go! Each of these would surely create a buzz when you entered the room but also earn you some cool points with the fashion crowd. I personally love that the heel is the new way to create interest in a shoe. While colored bottoms are still a personal fave, why not have a poodle or parrot hanging out on your heel?!? And let me just say that Walter Steiger's curved heels were a hot trend at NYFW and will surely be all over the place in no time. And I know what you are thinking…those cannot be comfortable! Well, when I asked a fashionista wearing them if they were comfy the reply was a surprising, "YES!" 

So, what do you think of these new kicks? Would you rock one of these pairs? Honestly, I would wear each and every one! Make your shoe the statement piece and let everything else be simple! Shop some more of my wacky shoe picks below! 


  1. GURL! Why you gonna do me like this! All these shoes are too fab!

    1. LOL! Right? Now how do we get one of each! I'll go a half size up and we can share! ;-)


      Miss Beanie

  2. Love the shoes! Great detailing on all of them!

    Sita xx


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