Monday, April 15, 2013

Rebecca Taylor Spring 2013 Collection

This past Thursday, I got the opportunity to meet and interview Rebecca Taylor at an event featuring her Spring 2013 collection in the Cusp department at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta.  I've always been a fan of Rebecca Taylor's flattering silhouettes and feminine prints but this collection had an added element of cool girl flair. Read the interview below for the inspiration behind this collection!

The event was fabulous with champagne, raspberry macarons, and even a favor station to make your own candy goody bags.

Miss Beanie: It looks like you are sticking to your typical feminine style for this Spring but you are mixing it up this season with some washed denim. It seems more urban than your previous seasons. Can you tell me about your inspiration behind it?

Rebecca Taylor: Well its funny because a New York, urban feel was my inspiration behind this collection. I really wanted to be in Hawaii but I was working on my collection in New York so this collection is my vision of what Hawaii would be through the eyes of the urban landscape.

Miss Beanie: We definitely see that through the muted blues and the pastel florals. It is very icy.

Rebecca Taylor: Yes and it is a little bit of an easy rider feel, motor bike chic. Girls throwing their little silk dresses in their bag and hopping on the motor bike, like a road trip like feel.

Miss Beanie: Oh, I do get that vibe looking at all of the zipper details and leather accents. Really cool. What are the silhouettes you are most excited about for this spring collection?

Rebecca Taylor: I am really excited about the moto bike jacket in leather and tweed, it is doing really well for us. It makes any outfit feel hip and can dress any outfit down a little bit. I'm also really excited about the sheer blouses with the Hawaiian prints.

Miss Beanie: Who is the one celebrity that you feel like epitomizes the Rebecca Taylor brand and you would love to dress?

Rebecca Taylor: I actually really like Kristin Wig. She is really funny and I have a real appreciation for funny people. And she has really good style and seems like a really cool person.

Miss Beanie: Yes! Kristin Wig seems like she doesn't take herself too seriously which seems to be a Rebecca Taylor girl at heart! If there is one piece that a girl needs from your collection, which piece would it be?

Rebecca Taylor: We have this tweed jacket with the chain trim that is a quintessential Rebecca Taylor piece that has been updated through the seasons.

Miss Beanie: Thank you so much for your time and it was lovely to meet you!

Sneak Peek behind the scenes: After the interview, Rebecca Taylor was so friendly and she even stuck around to talk with me! She also complimented me on my eyelashes! She swore that I must use Latisse to get them to be so long! **swoon** I don't use Latisse, they are indeed all natural but I did a little happy dance for getting a compliment from the designer! Also, her New Zealand accent was so much fun to listen to!

Rebecca Taylor Spring 2013 Collection

1. Hawaii Piped Shirt - $275, 2. Bleached Denim Shorts - $245, 3. Chain Trim Tweed Jacket - $425, 4. Hawaii Zip Jacket - $495, 5. Leather Panel Tweed Peplum Top - $350


  1. Lovely pastels!

  2. What a great interview! And great event too. That denim jump suit is awesome!


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  3. So you know I'm obsessed with her bleached jumpsuit, right? I have it in my shopping cart for pre-order on!!


    1. Oh, I cannot wait to see it on you! It was fabulous!


      Miss Beanie

  4. This looks like it was such an amazing event! Love the interview!!

  5. How exciting...lucky girl :) Great interview!

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